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Storm Wrap


SRP Storm Wrap

When storms strike, property roofs become particularly vulnerable to damage. Failure to protect a damaged roof from the elements will often result in more expensive, disruptive issues when the next rain or wind arrives. Industrial shrink wrapping is one of the most effective and affordable solutions to protect roofs and help prevent and/or reduce property damage. SRP Storm Wrap is an advanced shrink wrap weather protection system to effectively keep moisture from penetrating structures, helping you ensure a clean, dry and mold free environment. We certify and train our emergency response teams to properly install the system, providing protection for up to a year or more, giving restoration teams ample time to properly mitigate damage. The system also allows adjusters to properly inspect, approve and issue payment for the property damage.

Technical details

SRP Storm Wrap’s heavy duty, industrial grade, 12 mil Heat Shrink Wrap is made of polyethylene containing fractional melt virgin plastic resins and other additives. When the heat shrink film is subjected to heat it begins a biaxial shrinking process. This means it shrinks in all directions. Our 12 mil Heat Shrink Wrap will shrink 20-25% of its original surface dimensions. This allows the plastic sheet to mold itself into a tight fit, skin-like, waterproof protective covering, for virtually any structure. This heat shrink stretch film contains fire retardant (FR) additives, and ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI) additives. UV inhibitors significantly extend the life span of the film for those applications that involve extended exposure to the sun.
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Heat Shrink Film Is Available In A Wide Variety Of Custom Sizes And Formulations For Any Type Of Project Requirements.

  • Shrink film is fire retardant and contains ultraviolet inhibitor additives
  • 12 mil shrink film can withstand over 900 PSF
  • Will hold up under extreme weather conditions
  • Strong enough to handle freeway and railway speeds
  • Seams bond through heat, creating a seamless containment
  • Will last up to 2 years in fully exposed outdoor conditions
  • Qualifies as a recyclable plastic – promoting green recyclable energy
  • Heat Shrink Wrap is normally easier to install than competing materials like visqueen plastic
SRP currently only offers bright white because the white color creates a clean, professional appearance. In addition, the translucent color allows 100% light into the area being contained or covered allowing work crews to work in a natural light environment and reduce energy costs.

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