SRP is your true partner in disaster recovery.

Our Rapid Response Team will be onsite within the hour to ensure everything gets handled immediately in a precise and efficient manner to help prevent further loss. Moment by moment.

It is our mission to help our clients maximize recovery by guiding them through the complex scenarios that follow catastrophes, both man-made and natural. We manage all building trades and professionals needed to help you fully recover from a loss. To quote Constance Friday, “A great man’s strength is identified by what he builds, not what he destroys.” Setting the proper foundation for each of your buildings, will become a strength and asset of your business.


The path to recovery begins with defining an accurate property damage scope, working alongside the nations leading forensic building experts, environmental consultants, architects and commercial contractors. It continues with scheduling, vetting contractors, permitting, rebuilding and final inspections. It ends with your property and business being back to pre-loss condition or better.

SRP is your one stop-shop for this entire recovery process and we can professionally handle all of your disaster related needs. SRP’s partners and their world-renown estimating teams have completed over 14,000 recovery projects worldwide from start to finish, on time and within budget.


SRP maintains all of the tools necessary to help your business continue running smoothly and efficiently should a natural disaster or catastrophic event ever strike.

Our team of experienced consultants will arrive at your site with the needed manpower, tools, and equipment required to either engage in consulting through a well thought out and conceived plan, or to properly document the extent of the damage, as the case may be, all in a timely manner.

We ensure nothing is missed

As a worldwide provider of forensic consulting services, The SRP Team of licensed drone pilots-in-command, structural engineers, roofing consultants, fire investigators, and construction professionals has taken the leadership position in aerial drone measurements and AI damage detection technology. Utilizing a fleet of drones, the consulting experts and disaster response coordinators are ideally suited to deliver reliable assessments with pinpoint accuracy. Our drone pilots are able to access many wide area disasters locations and provide real-time streaming video to our clients worldwide.

Interested in becoming a certified and licensed drone pilot? Register here today.

We pride ourselves on quick response, in-depth analysis, and timely reporting

As part of our construction consulting services, we have the ability to consult with our clients to provide a full damage assessment estimate within 24 hours of any site visit and a comprehensive Property Damage Scope and Costs of Restoration Report within 10 days unless delayed by expert reports, structural engineering and or design requirements are needed.

Our commitment to integrity, forensics, and honesty will help you collect the information necessary to determine an accurate value of your property damage in an effort to recover all your costs. With experts in virtually every respective field, we can serve as a single source for all of your forensic engineering and construction consulting needs. Whether your project requires a simple evaluation or an exhaustive investigation, we pride ourselves on delivering the same quick response, in-depth analysis, and timely reporting for each project.

We provide a full-range of construction and roofing services

A building’s exterior envelop including the roof system which while being one of the most vital components of a building, it is also one of its most susceptible components with respect to quality of installation, maintenance, and weather, with failure due to any of these variables resulting in costly repairs.

Having this knowledge in mind, Strategic Response Partners provides a full-range of construction and roofing services to assist building owners, property managers, and their architects in establishing a solid and safe foundation for each of their properties. Such consulting services include failure analysis, leak detection, thermal imaging, and forensic weather technology to pinpoint the areas of failure and provide detailed reports and costs estimates on how repairs need to be made to not only meet, but to exceed current uniform building codes in an effort to help ensure the strength of your business remains steadfast and safe in the buildings it owns and/or occupies.

In conjunction with our construction consulting services, Strategic Response Partners specializes in roof consulting, roof uplift resistant testing, asset management, construction QA/QC, water and air infiltration testing, as well as a number of qualitative evaluation services such as infrared thermography, DE-saturation testing and moisture mapping for a variety of roofing systems including commercial, residential, warehouses, schools, hospitals and government facilities. There is no job too big or too small that we can’t exceed your expectations.


  • Construction Management

  • Building Code and Construction Document Review

  • Infrared Moisture Surveys

  • Core Sampling

  • Visual Roof Observation

  • Installation and Maintenance Budgeting

  • Site Specific Weather Forensic

  • Storm Impact Assessments

  • Wind Uplift Analysis (ASTM E907-96)

  • Water Infiltration and Moisture Mapping

  • Construction Defect Investigation

  • Expert & Factual Witness Testimony

  • Roof Collapse Monitoring

  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule Preparation & Monitoring

  • Manufacturer and Warranty Information Update

  • Document and Plan Review

  • Construction Cost Review

  • Compliance Review

  • Quality Control

  • Periodic Project Observations

  • Application for Interim Advances & Final Report

  • Post Occupancy Reviews

  • Design Team Participation


As an independent and experienced disaster response coordinators and construction consultants we primarily work for commercial property owners. Our experienced consultants will arrive at the scene of loss location with the needed manpower, tools and equipment required to properly document the extent of the damage in a timely manner. We perform a full site investigation to photograph and document the building size, construction materials and the amount of damage to the original structure using the leading forensic experts to insure nothing is missed. From this information we can develop a Scope of Restoration including the cost to restore the structure and contents to pre-loss condition. The scope of work and estimate can be further developed to provide separate cost impacts for Restoration, Code Upgrade, Renovation, and development a business resumption plan.

  • Forensic weather site specific
  • FAA Certified Drone Investigations
  • Structural and forensic engineering
  • Onsite building envelope moisture mapping
  • Industrial, commercial and residential
  • Fully detailed building diagrams and drawings
  • Accurate identification of exterior covering and insulation
  • Identification of any wind, hail and moisture damage
  • Awareness for potential application and code issues

Our team of experienced CRI (Certified Roof Inspectors) provide a written roof report noting key materials used in construction, locations of any damage indications, and include recommendations for repair or replacement. We will document any damage and note locations. As requested our consultants will perform hail impact, granular loss tests, DE-saturation tests, thermal fracture, wind uplift, thermal imaging, moisture mapping including any IBC/UBC code upgrade.

We provide our clients with the a damage assessment estimate within 24 hours of the site visit and a comprehensive Property Damage Scope and Costs of Restoration Report within 10 days. Our commitment to integrity, forensics and honesty will help you collect the accurate value to recover all your costs. With experts in virtually every respective field, we can serve as a single source for all of your forensic engineering needs. Whether your project requires a simple evaluation or an exhaustive investigation, we pride ourselves on delivering the same quick response, in-depth analysis and timely reporting for each project. Order your estimates today by clicking here.


Attend all project meetings as the owners representative. Coordinate scheduling and observe tests as required by the contract documents. Immediately notify the owner, construction manager or general contractor, of any conditions which may delay completion of the total project. Maintain a daily log of all activities including daily progress, weather conditions, visitors, inspectors, sub-contractors on site, nature and location of work performed. Account for all equipment, material, and personnel charged to the project as part of mitigation or restoration. Constructively participate in dispute resolution.

Continue working today, tomorrow and beyond.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your strategic disaster planning needs and to ensure that you can continue working today, tomorrow, and next month regardless of what unexpected disaster may lay ahead. Whether you believe you need disaster planning services, contact us today to find out more about the customized services we can provide on your behalf.