SRP’s security and crisis management teams can assist with managing any natural, civil, pandemic, technological disaster or terrorist attack anywhere locally, nationally and globally.

Strategic Response Partners’ Security Program consists of armed and unarmed security officers that can be uniformed or in plain clothes that can support your organization’s needs. We are working with both the public and private sector that includes a growing list of leading corporations, financial and private institutions and government entities.


Having a highly trained team of commercial security in place is paramount to the effectiveness of your day to day operations. SRP has serviced everything from 4 unit office complexes to 300+ acre logistic facilities. We understand how to implement a custom-tailored security plan to properly secure your commercial property.

Unfortunately it is no secret that we are entering a time when we are going to see an uptick in the number of security threats, so having an effective security solution in place is essential and it wholly depends on being aware of any risks and threats that might not always be apparent. The demand for Asset and Personal Protection is on the rise and we have qualified security professionals who can make appropriate recommendations and configure suitable strategies for your security needs.


Established in 1989, Strategic Response Partners is an industry leading Disaster Management Company

Whether you need a long-term security engagement or have short-term security needs, SRP Security Services are here to provide it. We offer on-site armed or unarmed guards as well as mobile or standing patrols. Our security guards are intensely trained and qualified individuals who were hand-picked for their innate talents and security potential.


Unarmed Security: Our unarmed security officers stand ready to protect your commercial or residential property throughout the United States. Their readiness stems from our strong training program as well as their own natural abilities that include professionalism, reliability and paying acute attention to details. Clients include retail centers, financial and educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government buildings and industrial, construction and manufacturing sites.

Armed Security: Our armed officers have extensive training on the weapons they carry, along with the overall goal of protecting you and your property from threat or harm. Armed officers may detain a suspect or call for police assistance upon witnessing criminal activity, additionally writing up reports on suspicious encounters or activities. Their duties may extend to testifying in court on crimes they witnessed, or escorting departing personnel off the company premises to thwart company property theft.

Mobile Patrol Security: Our mobile patrol officers ensure a client’s property is secure by providing an ongoing check of the properties assigned to the mobile patrol unit. Mobile officers patrol the premises, deterring suspicious or unwanted activities and keeping the property secure by visiting our clients’ account at random times. Mobile patrol officers adhere to a precise set of duties, as outlined in the best practices provided by SRP.

Executive Protection: SRP Security offers security solutions for all types of clients. We understand that all protective assignments are different, and we are capable of assessing threats and developing customized protection plans for our clients on an individual basis. SRP Security has successfully provided security services to a number of high-profile clients, including corporate executives, entertainment figures and government heads of state.

SRP’s Active Shooter training

The SRP Active Shooter Training Program was created by the top instructors and experienced personnel with special forces, law enforcement and military backgrounds. The program outlines close quarter combat techniques and martial arts with further study on the psychology of criminal intent and realistic self defense. This system was designed with the sole purpose of personal safety and defense.

Skills learned in the SRP self-defense program are to be used in real life situations. This is not a sport or a point match. In real life, you do not get to pick your bad guy. He/she will almost always pick the time, place and/or method of attack. You will never get this luxury. We train with this in mind. This is why the SRP Active Shooter Program was developed to be extremely effective in real life.

The ability to improve your situation when you find yourself in a bad one is not just for people of a certain age, gender or fitness level. Because anyone can be targeted by an attacker, everyone deserves the ability to improve their defenses. Prior experience isn’t necessary to learn real life self defense.

Get your organization disaster ready.

Led by highly-experienced industry experts, SRP’s Active Shooter Training Program will provide your organization the ultimate mindset for real self defense and the skills you need to defend against any situation


Operating throughout North America, Strategic Response Partners is one of the largest and best equipped privately held companies in the industry.

Watch our Disaster Planning Video to see our elite team of experts in action.