Strategic response partners scope, write, quality check, and processes estimates for adjusters and contractors working in the storm and insurance restoration industry.

Why use SRP Estimation services?



Instead of haggling with insurance companies on price, we provide a quality and dependable estimate which properly reflects the scope of work required to restore your clients' property.

Through proper estimating practices, SRP ensures that you can give your clients the service they deserve while at the same time improving overall efficiency, and your bottom line.



The more clients you can serve the more money you make. It’s just that simple. In any given storm related scenario, time is of the essence when acquiring new clients.The more time your project managers spend scoping, estimating and playing phone tag with various carriers, the less time they spend on client acquisition and providing better service.

By using SRP’s system, your estimates are at your fingertips. SRP created estimates are quickly checked via a secured online portal from either a phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Each estimate is merely a click away. Our calculation is that SRP is approximately a 40% time savings for you and your project managers.



Our online estimation management system allows you to track the progress of each estimate as well oversee your project managers. No more guessing where your estimates are. Know exactly where you are, and plan where you're going. Manage your sales force more effectively by using SRP as your communications portal for all of your estimates.

How does it work?

Login and create a new client. Then upload a copy of the contract along with your client's information into the SRP software system. It’s that simple. From this point, we become your virtual back-office, handling everything from management, estimation processing, scoping and supplemental. SRP maintains all necessary communication through a series of accountability measures for added security. Remember, SRP is not just software, as the SRP staff members scope, estimate, quality check, process, manage and coordinate issues with the various carriers, saving you time with the goal of helping you to increase your profits.

You want your sales staff and project managers out in the field selling, not in the office writing estimates. Let the industry-renowned professionals at SRP do the “heavy lifting” and perform all necessary and required inspections. Keep in mind, an SRP inspection is much more than a standard inspection. Our clients have found on average, an increase per inspection and estimate of 30% to 50%, when compared to carrier estimates. Why? For a myriad of reasons, but mostly missed damage. Missed damages in an inspection by those without the requisite knowledge leads to improper estimating, which accounts for that much missed revenue in estimating. Any estimate is only as good as its initial inspection and subsequent scope. In other words, our inspection process combined with your great service capabilities is what will help place you head and shoulders above your competition.

An estimate is only as good as it’s initial inspection, scope, and the experience of the team actually preparing the estimate. We have seasoned estimators craft your estimate, ensuring that every potential line item is accounted for. To ensure quality, the estimate undergoes a detailed review by one of our highly-skilled supervisors who will help maximize your claim, then sign off on it before returning it to you. The estimate belongs to you all along. We not only save you time in writing the estimate, but we guarantee a high level of quality for each estimate that we produce. On average, SRP’s estimates are generally 30% to 50% higher than standard carrier estimates.

If there is a problem with your estimate not matching that of your client's insurance company, we will handle all communication necessary to discuss the differences between your estimate and theirs. We will work to come to an agreement with the carrier and post the agreed upon amount in SRP’s dashboard for your review. Your dashboard updates instantly. No more wasting your time playing phone tag. Now you'll have an answer for you clients at the touch of your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

SRP is NOT just software and it’s NOT just an “estimate writing company.” We are much more than that. Our web based system allows you to track the work our team is doing on your behalf. We are your back office to estimation processing. Our field inspectors upload their scope and photos, while our estimators create the estimate and upload into the corresponding client file on the SRP software system. Once the estimate is uploaded, it’s quality checked and assigned to one of our estimation processors, who processes the estimate with the carrier. Bundling of estimates with building code, sub-contractor agreements, and sub-contractor estimates are all handled by our estimation processing department. Every step in the process is date and time stamped in the system for accountability. It doesn't end there. Estimation processors also file for any supplemental work and file depreciation once the job is done. At the end of the year, you’ll have an accurate account of your AR by knowing exactly where each and every estimate is within the process.