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Drone Pilot Program


SRP Drone Pilot Program

SRP provides disaster management services for many of the largest commercial asset owners and property management firms in the nation, helping our clients prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of loss incidents. Our mission is to help each client successfully resume the full integrity of their operations in the shortest time possible by expertly leveraging our network of resources.

We are currently seeking reputable, experienced, licensed drone pilots to join our network and perform property surveying and digital documentation work for commercial, industrial, multifamily and residential properties.

Before referring any project to a pilot, we pre-screen all of our vendor partners to ensure they meet our rigorous standards for excellence, thoroughly vetting each member, ensuring their licenses, insurance and quality reputations are well established.

You may also be interested in our sister company for specialty drone work.


If you are interested in receiving referrals through our program, please follow these four easy steps:


1. Complete the short form below to connect with one of our Drone Pilot Program specialists

2. The program specialist will contact you to collect required information about your experience, licenses and areas of specialty. She/he will provide details about the screening process, answering any of your specific questions

3. When you have successfully completed the screening process with SRP will contact you to confirm your enrollment in the network

4. As needs arise in your territory, we will contact you to discuss each project and engage your services.

We look forward to your partnership!

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