Our team is available 24/7 to support clients in preparing and responding to all types of disasters nationwide.

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Disaster Response


Three Things That Matter – Experience, Speed and Quality


Getting the right type of help from experienced professionals is critical to surviving a disaster. Many people don’t realize how quickly incidents can escalate and turn into major losses. Water damage for example, can rapidly create mold issues throughout buildings, spreading through a structure in as few as 24 to 48 hours. While some damage is obvious, hidden damage can go undetected and lead to myriad problems down the road.

As seasoned disaster responders who know what to look for, SRP aims to identify and successfully address all the existing damage to help our clients minimize long-term problems and optimize response efforts.


In a disaster situation, every minute of operational downtime diminishes your chances of successful recovery. When issues spiral, losses can multiply, increasing the risk of the business failing. SRP can typically deploy a response team to your US site within one hour of your call to our emergency hotline. Regardless of size, scope, or location, we immediately mobilize the resources you need to keep your operations running. Our service features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Disaster Response 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Dedicated Disaster Response Coordinator (DRC) to oversee response efforts
  • Detailed Rapid Response Plan to get your business back up and running
  • Immediate Attention to Pre-defined Critical Systems and Records
  • Securing of the Premises and Setting up the Command Center
  • Damage Assessment and Real Time Reporting
  • Mitigation Partners to Contain Damages
  • Forensic Experts and Construction Consultants


A fast but flawed response is often more damaging than no response. For this reason, we focus on delivering the highest level of quality to each customer every time.

How Do We Measure Quality of Response?

A customer-first mindset

SRP believes in operating with each client’s best interest in mind at all times, supporting each client the way we would support our own families and businesses. For us, this means:

  • Being proactive, anticipating client needs
  • Bringing forth the best resources available to the job
  • Ensuring work is performed right the first time according to the highest industry standards
  • Being conscientious, professional and courteous, keeping workspaces clean, mindful of the inhabitants and community
  • Great attention to detail
  • Being knowledgeable, calm and focused under-pressure
  • Guarding the privacy and security needs of our clients
  • Going the extra mile whenever possible to delight our clients and support the community

We pre-screen all of our employees and vendor partners to ensure they meet our rigorous standards for excellence, surveying their portfolios and working with third party screening organizations to thoroughly vet each member. We help ensure their licenses, insurance and quality reputations are well established before ever bringing them into any project.


Getting Response During Storms

In times of catastrophe, public resources can be spread thin and basic services like electricity, phone, health & safety, food and transportation can disappear. When this happens, the response partners you have agreements with may not be able to act as planned. For this reason, SRP deploys disaster response teams to locations ahead of events, moving critical equipment and resources within impact areas, allowing us to immediately support our clients, speedily serving them with the right type of equipment and manpower right when they need it. We invite you to read through our case studies to see some examples. If you are experiencing a disaster, please contact us 24/7/365 requesting emergency response services via our toll free 888.582.5848.


Contact us to discuss your emergency preparedness needs, review or to customize a plan for your business.



We are dedicated to helping organizations respond quickly, efficiently, and appropriately to rapidly changing disaster-related situations.