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Disaster Preparedness

The Winners & Losers

Disasters inherently bring about the unexpected. Even seasoned professionals can find themselves overwhelmed by events, ill-prepared to face the unprecedented challenges that arise. This is why it’s important to partner with seasoned disaster experts who can draw from vast experiences to help prepare you for the unexpected. Having been among first responders to nearly every major US disaster since 1989, SRP understands how to anticipate and navigate complex disaster situations. From floods, earthquakes and tornadoes to hurricanes, wildfires and beyond, we have worked in nearly every type of disaster imaginable, supporting all types of customers and properties. We’ve learned that being well-prepared for catastrophe can dramatically improve outcomes, increasing the quickness of response. One of the best ways to prepare is by having an emergency preparedness plan, which includes among many things:
  • Periodic building inspections & documentation planning
  • Evacuation protocols
  • Employee/tenant training and disaster drills
  • Notification systems
  • Triage training
  • Vendor pre-screening
  • Business continuity plans
Our SRP Disaster Trainers and On-Call experts can work to understand your facilities, vital systems and mission-critical records, developing a preparedness plan to meet your needs. This plan can often save hours, days or weeks in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

Who Profits When You Don’t Plan For Disasters?

In a nutshell—Opportunists, Insurance Companies and Competitors

Vulnerable, desperate for support and battling for resources, disaster victims are often targets of opportunists. Sadly, many unscrupulous vendors and pseudo professionals prey upon those in dire need. Victims often report how hired companies over-promise, overcharge and under-deliver services or leave projects incomplete. Some report property looting and or security violation issues, including data theft.

Victims also frequently describe their major struggles in dealing with their insurance providers to secure adequate indemnification of their losses. Insurance industry practices have changed dramatically over time, becoming quite complex to navigate. Storm-related claims can be even more challenging to process. It is increasingly common for a high percentage of claims to be denied and/or go unpaid indefinitely.

According to Florida state records* Four months after Irma formed, fewer than half its nearly 866,000 claims in Florida worth an estimated $6.6 billion had been closed with payment” As of November 14, 2018, over 308,000 claims were closed without payment while many remain open and unpaid.** Similarly, the Texas Department of Insurance reports that 50% of commercial insurance claims after Hurricane Harvey were closed without being paid.***

Your competitors also gain advantage when your operations change, slow or stop. They can win market share, even converting brand loyalists during times of operational disruption. For this reason, it is critical that businesses maintain and exercise a continuity plan and strategic communications strategy.

Keeping Your Edge

SRP can help you develop and execute thoughtful solutions ahead of time to accelerate your actions when catastrophes strike. We understand what works and what doesn’t, creating plans that you can rapidly and successfully execute in real-life situations.

Free Disaster Educational Courses

We offer many educational opportunities that enable our clients to identify deficiencies in their emergency preparedness plans, including no-cost, introductory, educational courses via our Lunch & Learn program. During sponsored events, we provide expert, onsite training for property owners, business proprietors, real estate agents, risk managers, property managers, and operations staff.

Contact us to discuss your emergency preparedness educational needs, to review your current plans or to discuss creating a plan for your business.

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