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Our Disaster Response Team is dedicated to helping organizations respond quickly, efficiently, and appropriately to rapidly changing disaster-related situations that may impact their business and properties.
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Strategic Response Partners, Inc. (SRP) is a unique network of experienced disaster management professionals who serve property owners in nearly all aspects of disaster preparation, response and recovery. We guide each client through catastrophic situations, providing on-site project leadership, consulting before, during and after events like hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes. With a wealth of military, fire, law enforcement, construction, legal, public adjusting, environmental, business and communications experience, we have been among first responders supporting recovery efforts for all types of major disasters throughout the world for over 29 years.

Steve Selleck Team Lead

Steve Selleck

Team Lead

After completing his Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media in some of Europes top Universities, Michael decided to move back to the United States. Once back on U.S. soil, Michael jumped in to the disaster industry and discovered his interest in piloting drones. In addition to providing back-end marketing support he flies drones into disaster areas providing an aerial view of the storm itself as well as any damage. Michael then joined SkyForceX, and with the assistance of the team and their experience, he is able to assist in any and all upcoming disasters.

Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist

Reed Timmer

Extreme Meteorologist

Veteran Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer’s industry-leading on-location breaking weather video coverage combines his broad meteorological knowledge, experience, and passion for chasing storms to deliver the most riveting, up-close local breaking weather coverage in the industry on cable and digital. He is at the forefront of in-field severe weather coverage, delivering the most engaging videos that hold expansive, global appeal. He is thrilled to be reporting on the country’s most extreme storms while delivering the most captivating in-field severe weather video coverage available. He continues to focus on giving viewers the best insider view during extreme weather events while providing life-saving weather news and information that helps to keep viewers prepared for what’s ahead.”

Michael Saavedra Critical Response

Michael Saavedra

Critical Response

Mike is an experienced and decorated Certified Technical Rescue Specialist as well as a Firefighter/Flight Paramedic with a demonstrated history of working in the Emergency Disaster Response industry. Being well skilled in a multitude of crucial fields such as Disaster, Crisis and Risk Management, Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue Department, Emergency Management, and Emergency Paramedicine Mike is an extremely valuable and needed part of the team ready to administer medical aid to those in need. Mike is an Instructor and Consultant for US military and protective services professionals and has provided EMS Aid and Assistance to all major storms and natural disasters within the last ten years.

Megan Horta Critical Response

Megan Horta

Critical Response

Starting her career at the age of 19, Meghan has been on a perpetual quest to fine tune her skills in hurricane rescue and fire safety. Meghan’s service has her well versed in tragedies that strike off the coast of Florida, and her passion for helping those in need keeps her devoted to the cause no matter the danger. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and an Associates Degree in both Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services, there is no rescue mission she can’t handle. Not to mention her 7 years of service in the Fire Department as a Fire Instructor and Fire Inspector. No challenge is too big for our modern day heroine.

Brendan Byrne Critical Response

Brendan Byrne

Critical Response

After growing up in Long Island and moving to Florida, Brendan knew the fire, rescue and paramedics was in his blood and part of his destiny. With 20 years in the fire service he has had countless hands on recue experience with extrications, entrapments, building collapse, water rescues, vehicle fires, brush fires, building fires, mass casualty incidents and various medical emergencies. He is a certified Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Fire Inspector, Fire Instructor and Driver Operator. I think everyone agrees he is overqualified for the job. With his wit and wisdom, he keeps the group in good spirits and on track.

Brendan Byrne Critical Response

Melanie Costanzo

Critical Response

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Melanie moved to San Diego in 2016 where she adopted her German Shepherd, Nikita. She has always had a passion for training, and after joining the Disaster Industry she became interested in Search And Rescue. Her love for dogs and desire to help those in need led to her training with Nikita to be able to aid in rescue efforts across the United States. With her capacity to understand and trust in her dog, as well as their flawless communication, the pair assists in providing the Critical Response Team with information to successfully respond in any disaster situation. Working with a team of Military, Fire, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management, they are able to face any disaster that comes their way.

Brendan Byrne Critical Response

Robert Ramirez

Critical Response

Rob Ramirez is a well decorated Fire Captain with over 20 years of combined Fire Rescue, Technical Rescue, and FEMA Urban Search and Rescue experience, as well as a certified Paramedic with a demonstrated history of working in the First Responder and Emergency Disaster Response industry. Rob holds a degree in Emergency Medical Services, and has responded nationally and internationally to many major storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters within the last 15 years. His focus is on disaster mitigation, emergency response, and management. Rob has worked as a Fire Service Instructor and Paramedic Instructor at several reputable institutions. He is a contributing author for a monthly national fire service magazine, and is an invited guest speaker at several national Fire Service Conferences and symposiums. He currently serves as a consultant for the US Army and Marine Corp USAR military units, and was at the forefront of creating and teaching local Active Shooter/Active Assailant policies for joint Fire and Police Department response procedures. He was most recently able to implement these procedures as one of the first responders to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018.

Lucas Dearborn Extreme Droner

Lucas Dearborn

Extreme Droner

Lucas Dearborn aka. Droner entered the FPV Drone scene in the summer of 2016 immediately after seeing a Drone Racing League video on Facebook. A month later he was racing locally and even traveling to a regional event. Shortcut to Muncie, IN 2018 at the MultiGP International Open where Droner is plugging in his first X Class Racing drone like it was his first race again. Dearborn helps organize his local MultiGP chapter 901FPV as well as traveling around the nation representing Team White Goat as one of their 7 active racers. He spends most of his time flying with friends and at his AMA Club “Millington Barnstormers Aeromodeling Club” practicing. Recently passing his Part 107, Lucas plans to make flying drones his career.

Martin Brittingham Disaster Investigator

Martin Brittingham

Disaster Investigator

After studying in Pensacola Florida to acquire a degree in media productions and graphic design, Martin jumped right in and started producing top notch content of storms and disasters. For the last decade Martin has been producing and creating content that wows its viewers and evokes emotion. He has deployed into may disaster areas over the years including multiple hurricanes, Michael, Florence and Marie, Michael and at ground zero when eye wall passed over Mexico Beach and Panama City Beach. He was also front row in filming and assisting in the Malibu Fires in California and has the knowledge and the knowhow to bring viewers at home into the fold and give them the experience they desire.

Matt Melrose Disaster Investigator

Matt Melrose

Disaster Investigator

Matt Melrose was born in Zimbabwe, raised at the base of Mount Mulanje in Malawi, studied in the Gold Coast of Australia, and is now a Chicago based Director of Photography. Matt has always been an impassioned storyteller concentrating on curating content with captivating storylines. His fearless and enthusiastic attitude makes him a perfect fit for disaster rescue. Matt’s work has been showcased on channels such as ESPN, TMZ, The Golf Channel, and more. His works exemplify how a cunning eye, and an appetite for filmmaking culminate in creative content that has attracted many people and companies desiring his services.


We know what it takes to rebound from a modern catastrophe, devoting ourselves to ensure that all disaster victims receive a fair opportunity to successfully recover and contribute a chapter to the greater story of us all.

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We are dedicated to helping organizations respond quickly, efficiently, and appropriately to rapidly changing disaster-related situations.