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Consulting Services


Consulting Services


Lives depend on the integrity of the buildings in which we work and live. When structures are safe and of quality construction, occupants and owners can thrive. SRP helps our clients protect their assets, providing expert consulting services via our array of category specialists. From forensic engineering and roofing to general construction and beyond, we can serve as a single source for nearly all your property-damage related consulting needs.

SRP Consulting Services – An Example Of What We Do

Documenting damage

In a typical engagement, we send a team of experienced consultants equipped with all the necessary resources and skills to assess and properly document the full extent of damage to your property. While onsite, the team of experts; which may include licensed drone pilots-in-command, structural engineers, roofing consultants, fire or flood investigators, and construction professionals, work together to perform a thorough site investigation, photographing and documenting the building size, construction materials, current condition, and amount of damage to all structures.

The team leverages state of the art equipment and industry-leading techniques to properly assess and document data. They can effectively access wide-area locations, providing real-time streaming video, accurately capturing critical details that will help support your claim.


Damage reporting

Once we have performed the initial inspection and collected all the data, we provide a full damage assessment estimate within 24 hours. Then approximately 10 days later, we deliver our detailed comprehensive Property Damage Scope and Costs of Restoration Report which serves as an important tool to help you recover all the costs associated with your loss claim.

We can also supplement these reports, providing separate cost impacts for Restoration, Code Upgrade, Renovation, developing a business resumption plan to help you achieve your goals.

Whether the project requires a simple evaluation or an exhaustive investigation, we commit ourselves to providing the highest caliber of service, taking honor in consistently delivering rapid response, accurate analysis, and complete in-depth reporting for every client.

Here are some of the typical responsibilities we assume as part of our service:

  • FAA Certified Drone Investigations
  • Forensic weather site specific
  • Structural and forensic engineering
  • Onsite building envelope moisture mapping
  • Fully detailed building diagrams and drawings
  • Accurate identification of exterior covering and insulation
  • Identification of any wind, hail and moisture damage
  • Awareness for potential application and code issues

Our team of experienced CRI (Certified Roof Inspectors) provide a written roof report, documenting all damage, key materials used in construction, locations of any damage, indications, including recommendations for repair or replacement. As needed we will perform hail impact, granular loss tests, DE-saturation tests, thermal fracture, wind uplift, thermal imaging, moisture mapping including any IBC/UBC code upgrade.

  • Attend all project meetings as the owner’s representative.
  • Coordinate scheduling and observe tests as required by the contract documents.
  • Immediately notify the owner, construction manager or general contractor, of any conditions which may delay completion of the total project.
  • Maintain a daily log of all activities including daily progress, weather conditions, visitors, inspectors, sub-contractors on-site, nature and location of work performed.
  • Account for all equipment, material, and personnel charged to the project as part of mitigation or restoration.
  • Constructively participate in dispute resolution.

Other Services

  • Construction Management
  • Building Code and Construction Document Review
  • Infrared Moisture Surveys
  • Core Sampling
  • Visual Roof Observation
  • Recommendations Regarding Repair/Replacements
  • Installation and Maintenance Budgeting
  • Site Specific Weather Forensics
  • Storm Impact Assessments
  • Wind Uplift Analysis (ASTM E907-96)
  • Water Infiltration and Moisture Mapping
  • Construction Defect Investigation
  • Expert & Factual Witness Testimony
  • Roof Collapse Monitoring
  • Roof Asset Database Development and Management
  • Periodic Condition Assessment and Photo Documentation
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule Preparation & Monitoring
  • Manufacturer and Warranty Information Updates
  • Document and Plan Review
  • Construction Cost Review
  • Compliance Review
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Quality Control
  • Periodic Project Observations
  • Application for Interim Advances & Final Report
  • Post Occupancy Reviews
  • Design Team Participation

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