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When disaster strikes

When disaster strikes

  1. In situations where you have the luxury of some advance warning, like an approaching hurricane, it is a good idea to immediately contact SRP to come inspect the property beforehand, making any last preparations to prevent loss. For example:
    1. We may survey your property and determine you don’t have enough back up power generation, securing additional equipment for you.
    2. We can help you immediately storm-wrap your building to prevent water infiltration or to secure items that could become projectiles in a wind event.
    3. We can help secure private security for your property to protect your assets before and after the event.
    4. We can document the current state of the property, photographing and videotaping the structure and all contents.
  2. Immediately following disaster, the next priority is to stabilize the situation and begin immediate mitigation to prevent further damage. Caution–not all remediation companies have the ideal type of resources to serve every situation. Many are not highly experienced in managing storm-related losses and may mismanage situations. Whenever possible, engage a disaster manager like SRP to guide you through the process and help connect you with the right resources from the start. Contact SRP by calling our 24-Hour Emergency Response line at 888.582-5848
  3. If you will intend to file an insurance claim, it is also important to contact your insurance carrier to let them know you have experienced an emergency, and discuss your coverage. SRP can work in partnership with you and your insurance company to help streamline this process and reduce stress.

Once the situation is stabilized and initial damage is mitigated, you will want to begin the recovery process. SRP can help too in that capacity. Find out how we support you through the entire journey, from preparedness through recovery. Contact us to learn more.

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